Ethnographic interviews, usability testing,...


Context scenarios, persona creation,...

Information Architecture

Information architecture, workflows,...

Interaction Design

Interaction framework, layout,...

Visual Design/Branding

Identity, graphic design,...

Design Documentation

Style guide, behavior specification,...

Visual Design

Visual Design Research

Before the actual design, I spend some time understanding the visual environment and preferences of the target audience as well as the existing brand and brand guidelines. I also look at competitors to get a general idea of the visual trends in a particular market. Often these will take the form of moodboards - a collection of images and graphics that form the visual framework for the design.

An example of a collage of images that informed the design of a brand identity.

Visual Design

Based on the understanding of the business, brand, and target audience, I come up with a visual language and color choice that is appropriate to the context. The understanding gained from the research phase together with the collected imagery informs the choice of colors, shapes, and textures of the interface.

The image informs the initial color palette for the brand colors.

Visual Interface Design

I believe the visual design of interfaces should support the functionality of the underlying system as well as support the associated brand. It needs to clearly distinguish functional elements from content, enhance usability af the application, and help communicating system status. Trade-offs between usability and desirability of a product are common in this phase. For example a health care product that patients lifes depend on will emphasize usablity to minimize errors whereas a consumer product will generally have stronger emphasis on being visually appealing to customers.

The use of colors and layout enhances the usability of the page and conveys the brand without adding unnecessary cognitive work by introducing design elements that don't have a clear function.
This UI design makes a lot more use of color but keeps the purpose of the UI clear. People associate meanings with certain colors like green for OK.


Daniel Jaeger

User Experience Designer
Seattle, WA
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Daniel Jaeger is a User Experience Designer with 10+ years experience understanding users, business owners, and engineers, and delighting them with exceptionally designed interactive products.

He has experience leading cross disciplinary design efforts and is passionate about mentoring other designers.

In addition to that he led the Seattle IxDA chapter from 2008 - 2010 and organized regular design events.

He has also presented about integrating UX and agile and shared his experience with design students as a guest speaker at the UW.